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Michael Cristian will re-publish his book soon with Author Reputation Press

Michael Cristian

Michael Cristian will soon give his book a breath of fresh air. Author Reputation Press will be publishing The Princess: A Fairy Tale with a new cover design and all.

The author has shared his decision with us a couple of days ago, and we couldn’t be more excited to tell you, our readers, about this new development. Especially so for fairy tale lovers out there who may want to see the book in a fresh makeover.

Michael also told ARP that he did leave a room for the possibility of writing a sequel of the story. The book is the story of a young princess named Malina who sets out to save her beloved knight from captivity.

Furthermore, Michael has seven other manuscripts containing fairy tales that he wants to publish in the future. Are you excited to see those manuscripts come to book shelves soon?

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