Monday, June 17, 2024
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“Don’t Give Yourself Away, But To God Only” by Juanita Edmonds teaches readers to put God first before anything else

Juanita Edmonds (aka) Kiamota will soon publish her book, Don’t Give Yourself Away, But To God Only, with Author Reputation Press.

It talks about making the mistake of giving yourself away to others, forgetting about your life and discovering that somebody “almost or got away with your life” leaving you empty, lost, possessing low self-esteem along with little marketable skills to obtain and maintain a life-style.

The main points focuses on men or women innocently becoming engulfed in a relationship, whereas, not putting God, first, but, in general, “man”. Another main point is discovering who they are in Christ, Jesus, and how God views your past actions and what HE expects of your future actions, forfeiting and forgiving all dilemmas of the past.

Eli Scott

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