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Five motivations why you should publish your book

There could be a million reasons publishers will tell you why you should publish your manuscript. Of course, it helps to encourage you, authors, to bring your work to fruition. However, the reality of book publishing isn’t all rosy, and there are important factors to consider before diving into the business of getting your work to the hands of readers.

1. You feel confident about your work

One of the common challenges authors face after finishing their manuscript is determining whether it’s ripe for publishing. More often than not, you may feel confident about your manuscript after spending quite some time completing it. However, chances are that it’s only the beginning of a thousand miles of your publishing journey.

A critical next step is exposing your work to the litmus test: the editing process. There are many forms of editorial process that your manuscript must go through before hitting the printing press. Copy-editing forms the basics, followed by advanced editorial services to ensure your work’s consistency and accuracy. These efforts will help you feel 100% confident about your work.

2. You follow instructions from publishers

Publishers, traditional or otherwise, never cease sending instructions to authors during the pre-publishing process. That’s an upfront consideration that you should be fully aware of as an author. Editors can even be more rigid oftentimes, and if these instructions don’t sit well with your ego, consider looking for another route apart from writing. Otherwise, cooperating with your publisher and editor will ensure the full success of your book.

3. Criticism is something you can handle

It’s not at all bad to hold your work in high esteem, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not free from flaws. One of the effective ways to refine and improve your work further is through criticism by peers and the common readers alike. Even the best authors in the world have willingly opened their books to criticism before reaching the peak of success, winning prestigious literary awards and breaking record sales.

Criticism and negative reviews can certainly erode your confidence as an author, but on the brighter side, it’s also helping you become more aware of your strengths and weaknesses as a writer. If criticism is hard to handle for you, then you should never publish your book.

4. You view book marketing as an important aspect of your literary journey

Here’s the practical truth about the publishing industry: the success of your book relies heavily on its marketability. However, you don’t have to be adept at sales or be a marketing guru to promote your book to your audience. You only need to view marketing as a fun aspect of your literary career and put your confidence on the marketability of your work. This is true both for traditionally and self-published books.

If sales and marketing are not your thing, there are publishers who offer viable marketing services as part of their publishing package. We at Author Reputation Press provide some of the best-in-class marketing and book visibility campaigns that have been proven to help authors reach as many readers as possible via effective channels.

5. Investing in your book is something you are willing to do

Truth be told, completing your manuscript is just a part of the whole equation in your publishing path. The remainder of the way is pure marketing and sales. Truth be told, that means your book is only as good as nothing until you agree to engage in the promotional aspect of it. Sell it to readers!

Dreaming of something great doesn’t come free, it requires investment. You don’t open a business without spending a dime. The same principle applies to book publishing: your book can’t reach greater heights without you investing in it. Again, you don’t have to be the best marketing expert to do that. There are people more skilled in that aspect and equipped with the necessary resources and network to give your book the visibility it deserves. Talk to one of our experts today to know how.

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