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Best religious books for August 2020

There are a lot of religious books that you can pore over for several hours in addition to the Bible. At Author Reputation Press, we have culled a list of our top picks for Christian-themed titles for this month.

Don’t Give Yourself Away, But To God Only by Juanita Edmonds (Aka) Kiamota

The book tackles how a person commits the mistake of giving oneself away to others, forgetting about one’s life and discovering that somebody “almost or got away with one’s life” leaving the person empty and lost. The result is low self-esteem.

Epiphany by Stanley Sykes

The book raises a number of questions about the manifestation of a divine being such as Christ.

HCC Devotions Revised For Our Changes by Mary Pollard Bethea

The book aims to provide young and old readers with different forms of giving God daily devotions. The basic form of devotion will include great reverence to God and requests to the Lord after much prayer in heavenly tongues. This book, HCC Devotions Revised For Our Changes, covers subjects that are burdensome in one chapter.

Eternal Souls Of Mankind by Rev. Reginald Noel

The book discusses the core concepts of the human soul, spirit and body, answering questions and examining them in accordance with the Bible. The book primarily aims to convey one important message to the readers: that Jesus came in the flesh in order to die so that the souls who accept Him would be with Him in Heaven.

Heavens On Earth by Dr. Michael Orji

The book talks about Christian fasting and its different forms. Each type depends on one’s goal. Here, Dr. Michael Orji writes about a form of fasting that is unique in both style and presentation.

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