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Top suspense thriller titles for August 2020

Suspense books can be a great companion when you travel on a plane or just bask in the sun on the beach. This category has always fascinated readers with its intrigue and surprising twists that books of this kind have rose to prominence over the past few years.

Below is our list of our top selection for suspense thriller books this month.

A Queen Besieged: A Portuguese Liaison by Geoff Quaife

The book book tells the story of Queen Luisa who faces trouble as her son, the young king Afonso, for whom she rules, is both mentally and physically weak. Unscrupulous politicians are determined to take advantage of the King’s weakness in order to turn him against his mother. Of immediate concern to the Queen is evidence that one or more members of her government sitting as a council of war is a traitor. Anxious to assist the Portuguese Queen against her many enemies, England and France join forces to send Luke Tremayne to assess the situation.

Clouds Over Pemberley: Sequel To Jane Austen’s Pride And Prejudice by Walter Oleksy

It follows the story of Reverend Collins as he researches a new sermon on marriage fidelity by testing newly-weds Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy, Jane and Charles Bingley, and others in the Bennet family. This is done with the urging of Darcy’s aunt Lady Catherine de Bourge who believes Elizabeth is inferior to her and Darcy, her nephew. The semon research is conducted with the help of a handsome young Irish couple. It is an 1820’s Regency romance with modern romantic touches. Jane Austen would probably like it, thinking it sometimes a little naughty but nice.

Dan Jorgensen: Teacher And Sleuth by M. M Beck

The book follows the story of General Jorgensen, a retired four-star General from the U.S. Army. During his service, he was assigned to the Army Criminal Investigation unit, but this also meant facing a lot of danger in the line of duty, including gunshot wounds. His many life-threatening encounters led to his retirement. He then shifted his focus to becoming a teacher in the Knoxville College in Knoxville, Colorado on the west slope of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. There, he teaches ROTC, biology, self-defense and astronomy. However, while in retirement, the President of the US, seeks his help solve problems caused by traitors and other criminals. General Jorgensen must now face his past and take on a dangerous path again.

Stories Beyond Belief 2 by S. R. Sutton

The book begins with a legend about witches called the Eight Skulls of Teversham. Then a vampire story with a twist follows, telling the tale of Siena as she travels through time to find a cure for her vampire condition. During her adventure, she faces both slayers and vampires who keep getting in her way. The third tale is the Harrington curse which will make you afraid of your mirrors forever. A team of reporters and investigators seeks answers to a curse bestowed on a family called the Harrisons. The fourth story is about a mental health nurse who is stalked by a youth who dresses like her only to cause major problems on her life. Our fifth story is about Jodie, a young girl who seeks her own identity after being bullied at school. She becomes a goth and joins a gang only to get into trouble. The final story is a lighthearted look at life as Faith, an angel, is sent to earth to experience human life as a punishment for misdeeds in heaven.

The Scarpacci Files by J. J. Caniglia

The book is a story of two brothers who must avenge the death of their father, murdered by a group of gangsters for failing to pay extortion money to them, as do the others in the neighborhood. The city of Omaha has never been the same since the Black Hand organization arrived. They run its streets, terrorize its neighborhood, extort money from everyone, and kill those who resist. One man falls short of his monthly payments and ends up paying the ultimate price, his life. His two sons Yano and Gino must seek retaliation, but they are too young to fight. Someone must stand up and stop the gangsters before it’s too late and the entire neighborhood burns to the ground.

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