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Best historical nonfiction books for August 2020

The twenty-first century is still in its early stage, but there’s already a vast array of nonfiction books probing all facets of human history. Below is our list of best historical nonfiction books uncovering the histories of the mankind.

The Patriarchy Of White American Slave Owners by Gerald S Nordé

This book demonstrates Dr. Nordé’s expertise on the subject of slavery in the USA. It offers some scientific basis about slavery that occurred between 1807 and 1865 (the second slave era in the USA), the systemic patriarchy and the fatherhood practices of the White American slave owners in the USA.

Peculiar Affinity by Gerald S. Nordé

The book discusses the discovery of the sexual and reproductive relations between the South’s slave owners and their female slaves during the second era of U.S. slavery. Dr. Nordé calls these relations the peculiar affinity between slave owners and their female slaves. This phenomenon resulted in the birth of millions of children as commodities and as Negro slaves at the same time.

Nightmares by Paul Kasper

Nightmares will make you understand what a soldier went through during the Vietnam war. This is about a unit of the 9th Infantry Division. The unit goes on patrol looking for Viet Cong or NVA regulars. They are put under fire and lost members while out. They learned to survive both mentally and physically, as death on both sides of the war could happen at any moment.

Battle Of Britain by Paul Corfield

Battle Of Britain by Paul Corfield offers a fresh perspective on the battles that took place during the World War II. Adolf Hitler thought he could invade and conquer during his reign of terror on the world. Then, he decided to try and defeat the Royal Air Force of Britain. He was not expecting the resistance that the British Air Force and Navy would make in his quest for annihilation of Great Britain.

A Coloured Canvas by Lida Anthonia Verboom

The book is a trilogy; Book I Common People. Book II Lions and Eagles. Book III The Rainbow. Throughout this trilogy, for reasons only known to Lidy she used pseudonyms for the characters and members of her family, A Coloured Canvas is not a fictional account of the de Vries and Verboom families but an oral history of events beginning early in the twentieth century in impoverished Friesland.

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