Monday, June 17, 2024
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“Heavens On Earth” by Dr. Michael Orji brings you closer to God, out now on our online bookstore

Dr. Michael Orji has finally published his book, Heavens On Earth, with Author Reputation Press.

The book talks about Christian fasting and its different forms. Each type depends on one’s goal. Here, Dr. Michael Orji writes about a form of fasting that is unique in both style and presentation.

He chose 40 days, the example set by Jesus Christ himself. By citing other examples of fasting in the Old Testament of the Bible, Dr. Orji proves that fasting is ancient and that the one by our Lord, Jesus Christ is the standard form.

He makes use of that as the pattern for his book Heavens on Earth. He attaches fasting to prayer. And by bringing into his writing the title “Heaven on Earth,” he is highlighting the saying that meditation is a visit to God and makes it the primary object of fasting.

The author recommends to individuals and families to make fasting a regular practice in their homes. In the end, you will have gotten your own 40 well- written prayers on different topics. The book can be purchased via our bookstore.

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