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Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight: Lavell Harris, a poet and author of “Life Isn’t What It Seems”

Lavell T. Harris

Lavell Harris, author of poetry collection Life Isn’t What It Seems: Poetry That’s Based On A True Story, is a writer, poet, inspirational speaker, entertainer, and entrepreneur.

He was born on March 19, 1997, and was raised on the West side of Chicago Projects. He later moved to the South side of Chicago.

The author found his childhood to be filled with hardships, even at present. He needed to learn about survival at a very young age due to a violent neighborhood. He was raised in church, and as a child preached a lot to his siblings. He was given back to Christ at a young age as well after his parents decided it would be best for him and his siblings. Lavell felt that was the best thing ever, because it worked and still is working for him these days.

He was inspired to write poetry from one of his older sisters, who writes poetry as well. They developed their talents and skills during an After School Matters program, where she took up the skills of Drama, comprising mainly Acting and Poetry, and he did the same thing years later in his first year as a high schooler.

He started writing in 2011 during his first year in high school. In 2015, he graduated high school with honors, and on the path of starting his first poetry book Flow the feeling of a poet, he began to love writing how he felt. His new poetry collection will soon be published by Author Reputation Press.

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