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Why you should self-publish?

Before the age of the internet, it was very hard for indie authors to make their works known to the public. Moreover, it was equally hard to be recognized by traditional publishers. J.K Rowling, for example, has been known to be rejected so many times before landing a contract with a publisher. The iconic Harry Potter was written in an age when the internet was just starting.

Nowadays, the competition is getting tough among authors. Submitting manuscripts to different traditional publishers and getting contacted by them have become a rare chance. However, with the age of digital media the chances of getting a bigger exposure has been greatly widened. Self-publishing for authors can easily be done without the hassle of lining up to submit their manuscripts to traditional publishers.

On the other hand, self-publishing means the author needs to invest some money in order to put out his work. But to weigh the pros and cons, self-publishing will give more chances for the author to be known in a quicker manner. Self-publishing will also give the author the total control over his works. The copyright will be preserved and the royalties are way higher than traditional publishing. The catch is, there are several institutions that take advantage of authors who get into self-publishing.

Author Reputation Press is here to secure the future of those indie authors. We pride ourselves in providing solutions-based services that would make sure that our authors are in full control of their self-publishing efforts. As a hybrid publishing-marketing company, Author Reputation Press has already established its connections that will ensure a greater reach of audience. Author Reputation Press combines offline and online marketing strategies to fully maximize the potential of an author’s masterpiece.

For more information, please email us at or call 1-800-220-7660.

Jay Hogarth

Jay Hogarth is ARPress' resident content manager, responsible for all public-facing information posted on this blog and on the main site.

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