Saturday, May 18, 2024
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“December Alliance” by Annie Aaron uncovers the hardships tied to married life

Annie Aaron’s December Alliance, a fictional work that underscores how married people go through this new phase in their lives, is available to purchase via our online bookstore today.

The book follows the story of Anne Olson, a mother of two boisterous youngsters living in a county.

Anne recalls her college days in the past, and looks back on them with a deep longing. Back then, she had plans of showcasing her talents in the future. However, those dreams vanished after she decided to tie the knot with her husband. That event completely changed her life.

Our protagonist confides in an old friend from college how her life as a wife and mother turns out fine, but the truth is that it is not exactly as she envisioned it to be.

As a songwriter and poet, Anne finds it natural to tell stories to children. When she pays a visit to her grandparent’s house, storytelling became a traditional form of entertainment. That led to a princess story with a fire-breathing dragon.

The book is available to buy here.

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