Monday, June 17, 2024
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“HCC Devotions Revised For Our Changes” by Mary Pollard Bethea comes to life with a new book trailer

Mary Pollard Bethea’s HCC Devotions Revised For Our Changes aims to reassure readers of God’s omnipresence in a new book trailer.

The book instructs readers to put themselves in the presence of God as He waits for His children to reach out to Him. Young and old readers can gain insights into the different forms of giving daily devotions to the Almighty above.

The most fundamental form of devotion is giving great reverence to God and requests to the Lord after prayers done in heavenly tongues. This book also provides direction to guide the Lord’s people in the right path to salvation.

Most importantly, the book encourages readers to say the prayers that strengthen their commitment and relationship with the Creator. Its benefits include loving words from God that help us with our everyday struggles.

You can purchase the book via our online bookstore.

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