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Choosing between Traditional Literary Agents and Self Publishing Companies

Publishing a book would entail so much effort for authors, be it through self publishing or the traditional way. Traditional Literary Agents are usually tapped by authors in order for them to get a deal with the “big five” publishing companies. These people are experts in the industry with a wide network of established connections.

However, the scope of these literary agents is limited to the genre that they are actually working on. Often, authors will need to choose a specific literary agent depending on the manuscript they are currently working on. Fiction books are usually the forte of these literary agents.

Self publishing companies like Author Reputation Press offers flexibility. AR Press provides the option to get a publicist for the author. Since the firm is a hybrid publishing-marketing company, offline strategies by publicists are backed by online marketing plans. Publicists from AR Press are also of the same caliber as traditional literary agents, but with a wider scope. They work hand in hand with authors and provide evidence-based data on how the book is doing in the “field”. Moreover, if the author wanted to go the “traditional way” in the long run, self publishing companies like Author Reputation Press can give them a push.

The flexibility with self publishing provides the option for authors to get a publicist as well as the ability to market the book online. Both are a great avenue for increasing the profitability of a book as well as getting a good following. However, getting the best of both worlds can be done through Author Reputation Press. The company provides a combination of strategies that would help build the author’s readership. The trick for authors is that, they need to be wise in getting the push that they want.

Jay Hogarth

Jay Hogarth is ARPress' resident content manager, responsible for all public-facing information posted on this blog and on the main site.

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