Monday, June 17, 2024
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Gail Gillingham’s “In Search of Self” praised by the US Review of Books

In Search Of Self: A Personal Journey To Understanding And Acceptance by Gail Gillingham has earned critical acclaim from the US Review of Books.

USRB’s Samantha Jones remarks that the book “addresses the sensation of having lost fragments of oneself after trauma”. Gillingham goes on to offer a modern take on William James’ model of the self, in which she explains several natures within each person.

The author has also been praised for not skimping on details by providing research from well-known psychologists, theorists, and thinkers, such as Abraham Maslow and Lawrence Kohlberg. Jones describes the book as an intriguing model of the self, with Gillingham offering “a tether to hold onto when one is in the midst of loss, allowing the discovery or recollection of who one truly is beneath the pain”.

The book can be purchased now via our online bookstore.

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