Saturday, May 18, 2024
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“Don’t Give Yourself Away, But To God Only” by Juanita Edmonds can now be purchased online

Juanita Edmonds (aka) Kiamota has finally published her book, Don’t Give Yourself Away, But To God Only, with Author Reputation Press.

The nonfiction work tackles how a person commits the mistake of giving oneself away to others, forgetting about one’s life and discovering that somebody “almost or got away with one’s life” leaving the person empty and lost. The result is low self-esteem.

The book’s main points are how men or women become innocently engulfed in a relationship. It also shows how people put man first, in general, instead of God.

It emphasizes on the importance of discovering who we are in Christ Jesus, and how God views our past actions and what He expects of our future actions. In the end, the book concludes that God is a forgiving entity who forfeits our trespasses in the past.

The book is now available to purchase through our online bookstore.

Nancy Atkinson

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