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Danielle Reid releases “The Princess Puppy Book 3: Love Conquers All”

Danielle Reid, author of the Princess Puppy series, has released today the third installment of the series titled The Princess Puppy Book 3: Love Conquers All. The book has been published by Author Reputation Press.

The book is about Reid’s dog named Sweetie, a Maltese puppy with an incredible intelligence and sweetness that will draw everyone’s attention to her. It is set during Hurricane Harvey, which wreaked havoc on Houston, Texas, three years ago today. For Reid, August 25 marks a special day in observance of that tragic catastrophe that took the lives of many and inflicted $125 billion in total damage on properties.

Like Reid’s other Princess Puppy titles, the third book provides nourishment for children’s hearts and minds. It inculcates positive values upon young readers through the life story of Sweetie, who was rescued along with her friends from a natural disaster while on vacation, and then returned the favor by helping other pets and people in need.

As another hurricane is making its way to Texas at the moment, the book is a perfect reminder of how millions of Americans lifted the spirit of brotherhood and came together to rescue victims of Hurricane Harvey in many ways including sending food, water and other supplies while others served as first responders.

Kids will definitely find pleasure in Sweetie’s life experiences anytime of the day, whether it’s bedtime or story time. This charming book will entertain and educate children with values that will lead them in the way they should grow. The cover is illustrated by Anne Ring.

Sweetie grew up in Dublin, where Reid has lived for many years now. In her childhood, the author enjoyed reading and writing. She also wrote a few unpublished works as a child. The Princess Puppy Book 3: Love Conquers All can be purchased via our online bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble starting today. And in the spirit of giving during these difficult times, Reid is donating a portion of the book sales to volunteer organizations helping victims of hurricanes.

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