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Why choose Author Reputation Press?

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Self-publishing firms abound in the industry, but only a few offer flexible services tailored to the unique requirements of authors. It is in this area that hybrid publishing companies such as Author Reputation Press (ARPress) specialize.

And there’s actually only a few like us in this business.

For starters, hybrid publishing lies between the realms of self-publishing and traditional publishing. It’s neither considered to be solely a self-publishing business nor a traditional one, but it combines the best of both worlds. That is because hybrid publishing takes a page from the self-publishing model while also being run as a traditional publisher to a certain degree, complete with its own submission process, editorial services, and curation, among other factors.

Because it’s a relatively new type of business, it fundamentally disrupts the publishing models authors have grown accustomed to such as traditional and self-publishing. Of course, there’s investment involved still, but the payoff is the higher royalties authors receive. Naturally, some purists view hybrid publishing as yet another form of vanity publishing due in part to the bad reputation many self-publishing companies have gained.

However, their perception of the hybrid publishing business is wrong in many ways.

As mentioned above, hybrid publishing companies operate like traditional publishers in certain ways while also giving authors higher royalty than what other publishers can offer. At the very least, that is one of the best rewards hybrid publishers like ARPress can give to authors. Add to that the full rights they have over their work, giving them total control of the content and design of their book.

At ARPress, we treat our authors more as partners than customers. We collaborate with them from the get-go through to the fulfillment of their work.

It is for this reason that many authors find more value in working with hybrid publishers than with self-publishing firms. Aside from the support our senior advisors provide to authors, we also give a sense of confidence in their work. The result is total satisfaction from a great number of authors who’ve published with us over the last few years.

Robert Perkins, author of “Let Us Give Thanks“, has this to say:

“Author Reputation Press did what the other two didn’t: encouraged me through to completion. Thanks ARP for all you’ve done.”

Paul Trittin, author of “Jacobus: A Eunuch’s Faith“, adds:

“Author Reputation Press came to the recuse after my spending nearly $15,000 with other book publishing houses, who basically ripped me off. They reached out to me in my frustration by assuring me that they would work with me as a partner, not just as a supplier of goods and services.

“The first of my trilogy was just released at a fraction of the cost I was foolish enough to pay to the previous publishers, at a much higher standard and more attractively.H If an aspiring author wants to work with someone they can understand and trust, the only one I have discovered in the current environment of greed is Author Reputation Press. I hope to work with them on several more projects in the future.”

Learn how you can become the next author who will be joining our growing family by calling us today at 1-800-220-7660!

Jay Hogarth

Jay Hogarth is ARPress' resident content manager, responsible for all public-facing information posted on this blog and on the main site.

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