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The importance of prologue in a story

While it is said that some editors hate prologues, it can’t be denied that this part of the story provides some useful pieces that add to the book’s power.

Here are some benefits of a prologue to your book.

It hooks your readers

Yes, prologues can spur the interest of readers. Lorin Oberweger, a freelance editor, once said: “The best prologues raise questions, convey some sense of mystery, launch us into the story in a compelling way, and always contain a strong element of movement and suspense.”

It provides a glimpse of the past

True enough, one of the powerful use of a prologue is to let your readers take a glimpse at the past events prior to your book’s current settings. It also tends to offer a good background of the book.

Prologue foreshadows what can happen next

Many popular books adopt prologues because of the help it extends in terms of giving a foreshadowing detail about the events that will transpire in the book. A prologue can set up some foreshadowing that pays off later with a satisfyingly surprising moment.

Jay Hogarth

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