Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Rian McMurtry’s “Between Light and Dark” might soon become a Hollywood blockbuster with its new movie script coverage

Rian McMurtry

Author Reputation Press is proud to announce today that Rian McMurtry’s Between Light and Dark has received its movie script coverage, bringing the book one step closer to a Hollywood film adaptation.

Our movie script coverage comes in a written outline of the book uploaded to an industry database, making it accessible to major studios in search for stories to adapt into motion pictures.

Our next step is to endorse the manuscript to movie producers, production companies, and studios. The script has been fine-tuned to qualify for prospective agents, movie producers, and film studios.

The book follows a group of high schoolers who suddenly develop unexplainable powers just in time to save one of them from a supernatural being that has lived for a long time.

This story will have excellent potential for commercial success and marketability if adapted to screen.

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