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Author of the Month: M. M Beck (September 2020)

M. M Beck

Author Reputation Press’s editorial team has selected M. M Beck as Author of the Month for September 2020.

Beck is the author of several action and adventure books about Dan Jorgensen, his main character in all his books.

His books include Dan Jorgensen: In Search of a Hermitage; Dan Jorgensen: Retired; Dan Jorgensen: A New Life; The Case Of Two Left Shoes; Dan Jorgensen: University President; Dan Jorgensen: Teacher And Sleuth; What Happens Now; and Treason and Murder Investigation.

He is a retired veterinarian and environmental scientist. In addition, he loves the study of astronomy, wood working, carving, and rock hounding. He also spends time on other important activities that involve civic issues and he volunteers for several causes.

In his books, Lt. Gen. Jorgensen, his protagonist, is always portrayed as crime-busting retired military general who later turns to teaching after his retirement. But President Reagan keeps asking for his help to combat crime syndicates. Every time he goes out of his way to heed the President’s call, his and his family’s life are put in peril.

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