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Useful tips for writing dystopian fiction

Many authors like Margaret Atwood write dystopian fiction because it is an interesting setting, among other reasons. Worlds left in shambles after a nuclear explosion, for example, present strong foundations that bring fear and motivation to the characters. In addition, this backdrop provides the foundation to test the courage of the people in the story.

Here are some tips for writing a good dystopian fiction.

Research the origin of your dystopian setting

Backstories are an important basis for your setting. They provide the foundation for knowing and understanding the root cause of devastation and their potential effects. Identifying the first indications of turmoil will provide a sense of history to your dystopian book. But it’s not necessary to reveal the genesis of your dystopia. It’s best to keep this part a mystery. What’s important is to know its idea in order to steer the flow of your story.

Explore the new norm in your dystopian world

Finding the new normal in a world drastically changed by the devastation of nuclear bombs or natural calamities is a vital element of a dystopian story. Dystopian settings are designed to alter the lives of characters. This could pave the way to a dramatic evolution of ordinary situations into something that will change the story later.

Discover the extraordinary

In a dystopian world, what may be previously not normal can become the common scenarios on a daily basis, such as skirmishes over territorial disputes or fights over basic needs like food. It’s important to know how to discover what’s extraordinary and strange to write a dystopian book.

Add some flavor of human behavior

It is always interesting to examine human behavior in a post-apocalyptic world. A dystopian setting is always expected to drastically modify human behavior through some conditions like food scarcity, competition, and life-and-death options. Explore some factors that will influence a character’s decision in choosing a path in a dystopian world.

Find the limitations

In a dystopian world, there are limitations as well as the new normal. Decide what constraints you would like to be the pervading limitation in your book.

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