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“Murder in Mellifont” by Arthur Cola throws readers into an intriguing web of murder and mystery

Arthur Cola with his book Murder in Mellifont

Arthur Cola has published his crime novel, Murder in Mellifont, with Author Reputation Press. The book is now available to purchase online via our web-based storefront and other major bookstores including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The book follows the story of two detectives Ron De Cenza and Bob Wentz who take leave from the Vatican Council in 1965 and embark on a quest that will take them to discover ancient prophecies and a web of murder and mystery.

A girl from Georgia, Susan, joins the detective duo along with Jan, Ron’s sister. The team is also joined by their new friends in Ireland. Along the way, the group discovers a story amongst the ruins of Mellifont and ancient castles and Hermitage of Medieval Monks.

Later in their quest, the team find themselves struggling with their own emotions and the destiny that awaits them amongst the footsteps of St. Patrick, St. Malachy and St. Erc.

For Ron, a massive quest for truth begins after a woman loses her life in his arms. The book will throw readers into an intriguing web of murder and mystery. You can grab a copy by visiting our online bookstore today.

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