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Robert Ian Rollwagen talks about the idea behind “Organ Orgasm” with Kate Delaney on America Tonight

Robert Ian Rollwagen has shared the reason behind the writing process for his book Organ Orgasms: My Experiences with Conscious Blood Flow.

The author revealed that when he was working as a consultant statistician at a medical school, he had a phobia for writing because he thought he couldn’t write. This condition separated him from anything that had to do with writing.

For so many years, he had to force himself to write. When he reached his 50s, he became more focused on taking care of himself. Around this time, he got the premonition that he would begin writing a book, though he had reservations still at that time.

Organ Orgasm discusses the mystery and joy of an individual’s existence. It also delves into discovering our bodies and nourishing them so we can live a healthy life.

The book also includes over 150 extremely useful illustrations. Nonetheless, it uses endnotes and appendices to provide useful materials for scholarly readers such as scientific evidences detailing how the body, brain and mind work to make CBF possible.

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