Monday, June 17, 2024
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“Shadows Over the Sun” by Giselle J. Robin comes to life with a new video trailer

Giselle J. Robin has released a new book trailer for her memoir, Shadows Over the Sun. The book is a story of a woman’s survival, determination, and strength.

The book is an easy to read account of the author’s various life adventures spanning her childhood during the Nazi period in Germany to her battle against bipolar mental disorder and the successful establishment of an organic winery in South Australia. She also married a Hungarian winemaker.

Robin’s childhood had been filled with uncertainty. Her mental health problem resulted from her recurring episodes of severe depression, divorce, and her parent’s resentment toward her gender as a girl.

The book is inspired by her struggles to understand her needs and those of others with bipolar and depression. It is an honest and straightforward account interspersed with occasional humor reflecting her courage and resilience that afforded her immunity against adversities.

This memoir is Robin’s personal invitation for you to read your own life story through the prism of her own experiences.

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