Saturday, May 18, 2024
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“The Revelation of Why” by Nathaniel F. Frazier aims to help readers balance their negative and positive traits, coming up on our online bookstore

Nathaniel F. Frazier will soon publish his self-help book The Revelation of Why with Author Reputation Press.

The book highlights the idea of seeking help from other people, borrowing some insights from the author’s own life experiences. Its goal is to pair off a person’s negative and positive traits.

What sets the book apart from its counterparts in modern literature is its concise method of examining and then processing the human thoughts. More importantly, the book aims to bolster the education and information campaign for the “mental warfare” in the minds of millions.

According to Frazier, this type of warfare may indicate character weakness. However, it represents a unique strength in the form of an accountability chart that serves as a guide for examining what aspects of life need improvements.

The Revelation of Why exhibits techniques to recognize signs of mental combat in a person. It also offers logical and reasonable techniques to challenge one’s self and others in order to build rapport, trust, love and understanding.

Nancy Atkinson

Nancy always keeps an eye for new book releases.

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