Saturday, December 9, 2023
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“Damn, Candy Man He Ain’t All That I Lived Beneath the Candy Lady for Years!” by Renee Diamond is now available for purchase

Author Reputation Press is pleased to publish this spectacular book “Damn, Candy Man He Ain’t All That I Lived Beneath the Candy Lady for Years!” written by Renee Diamond. An inspiring and motivational narrative about growth, love, and life. It is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the ARP website.

“She said life is too short,

Live, laugh, love and make him court!

She said ‘haste makes waste’

She said the earlier bird wins the race!

Mama said a good run is better than a bad stand!”

-Renee Diamond

Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee, also known as Renee Diamond, was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1969, in one of Chicago’s most notorious neighborhoods, Cabrini Green. She had four sisters and a brother living with their mother, Rosetta Ambrose Scott, and her father, who is now deceased. She started writing when she was nine and enjoyed reading autobiographies. Miss Doreen also graduated from South Illinois University at Edwardsville, earning a BA in print journalism.

Her passion for writing brought her huge success, as she had also written several poems and was published by major publishers. Most of her poems have an amazing story of self-love, love, and acceptance.

The book “Damn, Candy Man, He Ain’t All That I Lived Beneath the Candy Lady for Years!” is a compilation of poems in different categories. There are some about love; there are also some about life; others are about community or social life. A lot of things are stated in the book as it mainly focuses on growth.

Ambrose-Van Lee’s poems are related to the events of her life. From the simple games and beliefs of a kid, such as doing the “Bloody Mary” in front of the mirror, to her mother’s undying lessons about life.

The book is not just about life and learning, but also about the journey of the author’s adventure from a young growing girl to a lady.

The book is now available for purchase via our bookstore:

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