Monday, June 17, 2024
Author Spotlight

Arthur A. Edwards talks about his book “The Journey to Hangtown Haven”

Arthur A. Edwards was a naval officer and veteran of the Korean conflict who grew up in Northern California during the Depression and World War II. He studied warfare at the University of California, Berkeley, and has a library full of history books.

He is descended from a long line of veterans; two of his great-grandfathers served in the Union Army during the Civil War: a grandfather who tried to enlist in the Spanish-American War and a father who served in the Navy twice, once just as World War I ended and again in World War II.

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He was interviewed by Benji Cole in the People of Distinction Network. The said program is one of the most extensive and wide-ranging radio shows in the United States. Hosted by Benji Cole and Al Cole from CBS Radio, People of Distinction is the right fit for authors who want to increase their exposure to readers.

Embark on an inspiring journey with Art Edwards, an 83-year-old retiree determined to create Hangtown Haven, a sanctuary for the homeless in Placerville, California. Watch as he faces powerful opposition, uniting a diverse team to overcome adversity and build a beacon of hope. This is not just a shelter; it’s a testament to the indomitable spirit.

Recently, Arthur A. Edwards, in partnership with ARP, held a successful book signing event during the much-anticipated 2024 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books (LATFOB) at the University of Southern California on April 20–21, 2024. The LATFOB is considered to be one of the world’s most significant literary gatherings.

It has been held every year since 1996 with the goal of bringing together the people who create books and the people who love to read them. It is attended by more than 550 authors, celebrities, storytellers, and hundreds of exhibitors.

Watch Arthur A. Edwards talk about his book “The Journey to Hangtown Haven”:

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