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“I am in business with my…” by Farid Ghalili is now available for purchase

AR Press is honored to publish I am in business with my…by Farid Ghalili. The book is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the ARPress website. 

If you have no control over your business’s finances, you don’t have control over your business.

Author Farid Ghalili was a business owner and an industry leader with more than forty-five years of experience in entrepreneurial roles. Thirty years as CEO, CIO, CTO, and COO, and fifteen years as a Certified Business Coach.

As a business coach, he has helped more than fifty small to midsize family-owned business owners and their teams achieve their dreams by coaching and mentoring them to improve their trade through guidance, support, and encouragement. Ghalili and his wife live in Georgia.

The author’s goal is to help business owners who are in business with family members learn from these stories. As he tells these stories, he also talks about how, together, we solved some of their challenges and, in most cases, built on their strengths.

This book focuses on finances because money is the main reason to go into business, but secondly, because most of the issues and challenges small to mid-sized business owners face are money-related. Other topics, such as team or employee issues, mixing business and family, and the rest, are important. However, if the money isn’t right, nothing is right. Money matters affect every other aspect of the business.

Small businesses provide the backbone for this country’s economic stability.

I am in business with my…provides information to help small to mid-sized businesses with common problems experienced when they partner with family members. Using personal examples and stories, Ghalili explains how business owners can learn from the past to shape their future and expand their company.

As you read this book, keep in mind that the power of change is a major factor in the growth of every business—not change for the sake of change, but change for the sake of keeping up with the world. You will read about changes in using new systems, changed ways of doing things, changes in attitude, and, above all, changes in our willingness to accept and work with these changes.

I am in business with my…by Farid Ghalili is now available for purchase via ARPress Bookstore:

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