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The released website for Yvonne Harris’ “Freddy B: My Last Encounter with the Law Got Me A Trip for a One Year Stay at a Department of Corrections Facility” is now live

Yvonne Harris now has a live author’s website. This website can give readers biographical information about the author as well as information about how and where to buy the author’s book.

Yvonne Stevens Walton Harris and her husband, Frederick Harris, reside in the suburbs of Indianapolis, Indiana. Mrs. Harris holds an associate degree in business administration from the University of Indianapolis and a bachelor’s degree in general studies from Indiana University, Purdue University, Indianapolis. She has won a prestigious award for her writing from the Department of Afro Studies at IUPUI, and she is a lifetime Gamma Phi Delta sorority sister in good standing.

Dedicated to her spiritual home at Eastside Baptist Church since 1960, Mrs. Harris is the President of the Nurses Ministry at Eastside and Secretary of the Monthly Nurses Union District meetings.

She is a retired substitute teacher for the Washington Township Public School System, and she continues to be an advocate for all children. She is a devoted wife and grandmother to her grandson, Frederic Walton Harris, Jr., and granddaughter, Kiarah Yvonne Harris, whom she loves dearly.

She was interviewed by Benji Cole in the People of Distinction network. The said program is one of the most wide-ranging radio shows in the United States, hosted by Benji Cole and Al Cole from CBS Radio.

She was also featured in the prestigious radio show This Week in America, which is broadcasted on numerous stations in the United States. The program combines entertainment with education and information. The show is hosted by professional broadcaster Ric Bratton.

Listen to her Author Spotlight Interview through this link:

Yvonne Stevens Walton Harris’ “Freddy B: My Last Encounter with the Law Got Me a Trip for a One-Year Stay at a Department of Corrections Facility” illustrates Freddy B.’s life’s candor. This is a poignant reminder for all parents and teenagers, which offers insights and lessons that could improve our lives. Sincere and genuine communication in a family is certainly crucial.

David Allen from the Hollywood Book Reviews commends this compelling narrative, acknowledging that “The stops along the way are more than memorable. They are powerfully moving: Freddy writes, apologizing, to his former victims. Freddy writes in his journal, “Sometimes I think even God doesn’t understand me.” Later on, though, he’s made significant progress, as when he writes, “I’m spittin the real.” The vernacular of the streets, reified and exaggerated in the institutional settings, is captured masterfully.”

Moreover, this masterpiece was recently displayed by ARP during the 2024 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books (LATFOB) at the University of Southern California on April 20–21, 2024.

The book was also exposed to a global audience as it as among the books displayed by ARP during the 2022 Frankfurt International Book Fair at Frankfurt, Germany.

If you are interested in purchasing the books, go to the website to find out where you can grab a copy of them. An online contact form is also available farther down in the bottom section of the website, where readers can leave a message for the author.

This masterpiece was shortlisted for the 2023 Eric Hoffer Award Grand Prize. The Eric Hoffer Book Award commemorates the memory of the famous American philosopher Eric Hoffer by honoring outstanding writing and the independent spirit of small publishers.

Visit Yvonne Harris’s website at

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