Monday, June 17, 2024
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This Week in America features the interview of Glenn A. Bell, author of “Back to Somalia”

The prestigious radio show “This Week in America” is broadcast on numerous stations in the US. The program combines entertainment with education and information. Experienced broadcaster Ric Bratton serves as the host.

Ric Bratton, the host of the show, has a long history in the broadcast profession, having worked with superstars such as Larry King, Hugh Downs, Chris Matthews, Jay Leno, George Clooney, and Katie Couric, among many others.

Mr. Bratton also anchors the daily segment, “Just So You Know,” which airs on over 40 radio stations across the country. His TV experience includes news reporting and anchoring, weather forecasting, and sports newscasts. The Ric Bratton Show was one of his longest-running and highest-rated local TV discussion shows in the country.

Glenn Bell was born in Lake Charles, Louisianna. He grew up hunting in the woods of southwestern Louisiana as well as fishing in the lakes and rivers in the confines of Calcasieu Parish. Glenn loves the spicy Cajun cuisine of his native state. The word is that he makes one of the South’s best, old-fashioned pecan pies.

In “Back to Somalia” by Glenn A. Bell, readers are taken on a high-stakes adventure into the center of covert operations in this compelling and gritty military thriller. The book is excellent in a number of crucial ways, telling a gripping and unforgettable narrative.

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Recently, Glenn Bell, in partnership with ARP, held a successful book signing event during the much-anticipated 2024 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books (LATFOB) at the University of Southern California on April 20–21, 2024. The LATFOB is considered to be one of the world’s most significant literary gatherings. It has been held every year since 1996 with the goal of bringing together the people who create books and the people who love to read them. It is attended by more than 550 authors, celebrities, storytellers, and hundreds of exhibitors.

Mark Heisey of the US Review of Books highly praised this gripping narrative, stating that “Bell’s military adventure is a heist story at its heart. Having served as an Army helicopter pilot and air mission commander in real life, Bell fills his novel with his firsthand knowledge of the aircraft involved and the manner in which missions are conceived and executed. His writing is detailed and businesslike, and his sentences are clear. The protagonist speaks disparagingly of Muslims and Islam, which some might find offensive. There are also points where too much minute information is shared, but military enthusiasts will likely enjoy the additional particulars. The action scenes are engaging, feeling like a mix of The A-Team and Top Gun. Readers who are looking for an armed forces-inspired novel centered on mission planning and attack choppers will find all of that in this book.”

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