Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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“The Frown Of Fortune” by Geoff Quaife is a riveting read on French affairs

Author Reputation Press announces the publication of  another book as part of the Luke Tremayne adventure series. The Frown Of Fortune: A French Affair is up for grabs at a starting price of $3.99 for the ebook version and $10.99 for the softcover copy.

In 1653 Luke and his deputy Harry are sent to Paris to negotiate secretly with the exiled king. They are separated and pursue independent investigations.

Harry, who reaches the royal court attempts to solve the murders of two ladies-in-waiting, while a disabled Luke investigates the death of an aristocrat’s wife.

The investigations are complicated by a feisty abbess, hysterical nuns, an unscrupulous courtier, a Canadian adventurer, and a rampaging bear. Thee search for English Catholic treasure focusses everybody’s attention.

David Smith

David covers popular books, both fiction and non-fiction, and keeps digging for emerging titles to add to his library of must-reads.

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