Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Watch Mursalin Machado’s “The Diary of Lady X” in real-life action with this book trailer

Author Reputation Press has released the book trailer for Mursalin Machado’s The Diary of Lady X, bringing the book to life.

The trailer teases readers to the two tales intertwined in the book, namely the ship’s history and legend and the story of the main character, Tony Lewis.

It’s a story of love and adventure set in 1965 when Tony joins the crew of Lady Explorer, an aging ship that has seen the ravages of World War II. It sailed on the Pacific Ocean.

Tony always has a passion for travel. As his pursuit for adventure goes on, many things have since transpired through love, tragedy, and disillusionment. It also awakened his sleeping soul and set him on a path of aspiration.

Throughout his adventure, Tony encounters love, tragedy, and social conflict. This awakens his dormant soul and spurs his aspirations, thus his search for the meaning of life.

Watch the full trailer below:

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