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How to choose the best typography for your book

Authors will oftentimes need to select the typography that best suits their book. It’s an essential choice that they have to make in the course of their publishing journey as it affects how readers consume their work. In the same manner, testing unorthodox typographies can have a surprising impact on your readers.

Below are some tips to choose a design for your typeface:

Your typeface must reflect the content of your book

You can opt to use typefaces in order to imitate your content and create some sort of resonance between the visual and textual elements of the book.

Consider the typeface character

Choosing a typeface and font selection is no arbitrary decision as these elements leave a significant impact on the way your book elicits emotions in your readers. Your choice of fonts has some kind of association with your readers. Serif fonts, for example, provide a sense of stability.

Choose a legible typeface

Sometimes, authors are tempted to pick bold fonts and typefaces without considering their legibility for the readers. Depending on the platform where your work will be published, you need to be careful in selecting a type scale. For instance, serif fonts are best for print works while sans serif is suitable for web content.

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