Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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The released website for Izek Aliev is now live

Author Izek Aliev now has a live author’s website. This website can give readers biographical information about the author as well as information about how and where to purchase his amazing books.

Izek Aliev was born in 1955 at Baku Azerbaijan, Soviet Union. He simultaneously graduated from a general education school and a 10-year music school, taking piano in 1972. In the same year, he entered the Geology and Geography Department of Azerbaijan University. After graduation, he worked at the Institute of Sciences of Azerbaijan. In 1983, he defended his thesis and obtained his PhD.

In 1990, he was appointed head of the laboratory. In the early 1990s, Izek first showed himself in a new capacity and began to publish in Baku newspapers, covering the foreign policy issues of the young independent state of Azerbaijan. He was a freelancer for the newspaper “Freedom”. In 1995, Izek’s first book was published in Baku, “Self-Knowledge of the Amateur.”

In 1996, he and his family moved to the United States. Izek, like other immigrants, had to start from zero. He explored numerous jobs before discovering his destiny as a social worker. Since 2017, he has worked with a Russian publishing business on two novels, “Black Gold of the Russian Empire” and “The Last Illusion.” Experts praised his writings, and his novels were named to the “Russian Award” shortlist.

In 2023, he was interviewed by Logan Crawford of Spotlight TV. The host of this prestigious program is an Emmy Award-winning broadcaster and anchor host. He is also a host and anchor on Ebru, WWOR-TV, FOX, and VOOM: HD NEWS. He appeared in a number of films and television shows, including The Irishman (2019), The First Purge (2018), Teenage Mutant Ninja, 40-Love (2021), and many others. Click here to watch the full interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-8E8DNYwqA.

If you are interested in purchasing “The Last Illusion” by Izek Aliev, both English and Spanish version, go to the website to find out where you can grab a copy of it. An online contact form is also available farther down in the bottom section of the website, where readers can leave a message for the author.

Visit Izek Aliev’s website at https://izekaliev.com/.

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