Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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The released website for Christopher Lee Bowen is now live

Christopher Lee Bowen now has a live author’s website. This website can give readers biographical information about the author as well as information about how and where to purchase her amazing books.

Christopher Lee Bowen served in the US Army. He also worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency and is an avid student of American history. Earned his undergraduate degree from the School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University, and graduate degree from the University of Minnesota. He currently lives in Oakland, California.

“The Last Western” by Christopher Lee Bowen is a historical narrative set in Colorado during the year 1882. Civil War, which is the origin of the present political, economic, and social conflicts. It is also the cause of the 19th-century national transformation from farm to factory, town to city, pioneer to wage slave, Bible to Darwin, and honor to profit.

Strong characters in a vortex of political corruption, genocide, rape, drug culture, gunfighter nation, abortion, homosexuality, and abiding hope.

If you are interested in purchasing “The Last Western” by Christopher Lee Bowen and his other works, go to the website to find out where you can grab a copy of them. An online contact form is also available farther down in the bottom section of the website, where readers can leave a message for the author.

Visit Christohper Lee Bowen’s website at https://ironwhimproductions.com/.

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