Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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“Predestined Journey” by Peggy Hof-Corrigan is now available for purchase

AR Press is honored to publish “Predestined Journey” by Peggy Hof-Corrigan. The book is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the ARPress website. 

Luke 8:8 “And other (seeds) fell on good ground, and sprang up, and bear fruit a hundredfold. And when he had said these things, he cried, He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.” 

This masterpiece is a profound Christian commentary that delves into the complexities of modern life and the enduring struggle to align one’s path with God’s will. Through insightful reflections and unwavering devotion to biblical principles, Hof Corrigan invites readers on a transformative journey toward spiritual enlightenment and divine understanding.

2024 is the year of the open door.

The author, Peggy Hof-Corrigan, met and married her wonderful husband Patrick Corrigan in Entebbe, Uganda, Africa, in May of 2007. Their intense love for Jesus Christ and their school experience at Charis Bible College was the common link in their marriage made in heaven. 

After returning from Africa in 2008, God began to blend them together. Their relationship began as oil and water; however, the love of Jesus soon found the weak cords within each of us and replaced them with His cords of love, trust, and strength. Today those cords of three are binding us to His will, His plans, and His purpose. 

Biblically based, “Predestined Journey” explains planned parenthood, how it began, who began it, and our responsibility in God’s creative plans. As the author of this book, my hope and prayer is that you will not only enjoy the information offered to you, but you will allow the information to become jewels of revelation knowledge so you can fill your treasure chest with gold, silver, and the twelve precious stones of understanding. 

This captivating book opens the doors of God’s Word from Genesis to Revelations, delving into revelations about the trees in the Garden of Eden and explaining the truth about the men we know as Job, Jacob, and Judas Iscariot. It answers essential questions, doing so specifically through the role of abortion in our culture and how it reveals our falling short of God’s intent for us based on His Word.

Using past and present experiences, Hof-Corrigan invites us to go on a life-changing journey of discovery and revelation. Holding up the principles of God’s Word to our daily decisions, Predestined Journey shows us that we must first unlearn all faulty and deceitful doctrines and dogmas of our past before we are to see the order and intention with which the Word of God was written. 

Starting from before the beginning of time and ending with the eternal destiny for all overcomers, Predestined Journey offers a revelatory vision of the actual meaning of parenthood (both naturally and spiritually) and how our choices, both Past and Present, decide the ultimate outcome of our predestined journey Now and into Eternity Future. 

Are you like the smallest seed, willing to break through the soil and reach He who is the Light? Are you willing to obey what God’s Word actually says and not what you want it to? Will you read more than this book cover? If the answer is yes, then may the revelations in this book lead you closer and closer toward full reliance on the sovereign Will and dominion of God and His Kingdom.

“Predestined Journey” is not merely a book but a transformative odyssey toward spiritual enlightenment and divine revelation. Peggy Hof-Corrigan’s profound insights and unwavering faith serve as a guiding light in a world shrouded in darkness, beckoning readers to embark on a journey of faith, hope, and redemption.

“Predestined Journey” by Peggy Hof-Corrigan is now available for purchase via ARPress Bookstore: https://authorreputationpress.com/bookstore/predestined-journey/.

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