Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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A book trailer for “To Then and Back Again” by Jerry Bryson McMillan is now available

A book trailer for Jerry Bryson McMillan’s “To Then and Back Again” has been released. This video trailer takes readers on a roller coaster ride of emotions, real-life lessons, and experiences. It is a book for readers who find joy in reading and knowing people’s day to day experiences and struggles. A compelling memoir that will surely captivate the heart and soul of the readers.

To Then and Back again: A Memoir Part One A Collection of UH-Oh’s, No No’s and A Few OMG’S” presents the inspiring story of Jerry Bryson McMillan, who has endured and overcome all of the trials that came in his life.

This masterpiece was displayed at the much-awaited 2023 Frankfurt Book Fair (Frankfurter Buchmesse) on October 18–22, 2023, at Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It is reportedly known as the world’s largest trade fair for books and opened its doors to participants around the globe celebrating books and their authors.

Jerry Bryson McMillan authored this book to share his sometimes simple, sometimes complicated, but always emotionally charged life experiences. The reader must figure out if these feelings were prompted by the harsh realities of adversity that he, like many others, endured and overcame, or by personal successes won through endurance and, at times, pure determination alone.

It is a memoir written in two parts. The first part is about Jerry’s life from the time he was about eight years old, when their home was destroyed by fire, to when he was just out of high school and first went out to live on his own. The second part will be about his life from when he was about twenty to thirty years old. It will begin when his father and he build his first home until he finally moves from his hometown to go off to medical school.

Learn more about the author, visit his website at https://jerrybmcmillan.com/ and embark on a journey to then and back again. An odyssey that will encompass a multitude of adventures that are at times disturbing and chaotic and at other times fascinating and humorous.

Watch the video trailer below:

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