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The US Review of Books commends David Fogarty’s “Out Of The Shadows” for being “well-researched and exhaustive”

The US Review of Books has given David Fogarty’s Out Of The Shadows: The Saga Of Caroline York: Her Days Among The Cayugas a positive review. Book critic Kat Kennedy remarks that “Fogarty’s novel is wonderfully detailed.”

The action-adventure novel follows the story of Caroline York. After arriving from Ireland, she settles upon her uncle’s farm to take charge of it. When intruders besiege them one day, Caroline repels them, only to end up seeing the mysterious death of her uncle.

After that, she is kidnapped by a surly and arrogant British captain. Her daughter and husband conspire to find her. They seek help from the one-remaining French garrison in the region and a friendly Iroquois chieftain. Caroline is finally rescued. In turn, she vows to literally clean up the New York frontier by seeking to change the status-quo between those with power and those held in subservience.

Kennedy writes:

“History buffs will enjoy the immense details Fogarty includes about life and customs during this period of American history. His main character, York, is delightfully portrayed as a strong, opinionated, and quick-witted woman who rises to the demands of injustice. Anyone who is interested in learning about what life was like during the early settlement of America will find much to inform them within the pages of Fogarty’s novel.” Read the full review here.

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