Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Gail Borkosky’s “Annika And The Giant Giraffe” is a thrilling children’s story, now available online

Children’s stories form part of our childhood memories, and giving them space in our libraries and bookstores are a way to keep them alive and fresh.

Author Reputation Press proudly announces today the release of another children’s book that brings us to the world of Annika and her adventures. Annika And The Giant Giraffe is a story about the eponymous main character and her brother, Elliot.

Together, they set out on the savannas of Africa to save a tiny egg that has fallen from its nest. In a race against time, the siblings encounter some of the resident animals of Kenya that turn out to be very useful in their search for the only one that can save the tiny bird. Now they have to exert more effort to reach the bird in time.

Annika And The Giant Giraffe is Gail’s second book dedicated to her grandson. She has a passion for telling stories and writing poems.

Jay Hogarth

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