Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Russell Baptist’s “Adam And Steve” receives critical acclaim from the US Review of Books

Adam And Steve: The Rules For Men Attracted To Other Men, a science book written by Russell Baptist, has received critical acclaim from the US Review of Books for its “detailed discussion of homosexuality in religion, providing alternatives to the misunderstanding that can lead to lives thwarted and even cut short.”

USRB’s David Hennessee comments that “Baptist begins his informative book by telling several stories of teenagers who committed suicide after bullying at school for being gay. Such tragedies are still far too common, even in our time of increasing acceptance for gay people, and they demonstrate the need for ongoing education and awareness.”

The book offers an easy yet provocative reading on male same sex attraction along with Baptist’s findings that this is happening across cultures. The book speaks to three different audiences. One is a same sex attracted male teen or preteen who may be discovering their own sexuality or is being bullied because of it. The other is the adult male who may understand his sexuality, but not his obligation to others who come behind him. The third group is the parent or family member who just wants to be supportive.

The full review is available on USRB’s website.

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