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Jolynn Rose shares the motivation behind her book “Agatha And Frank’s Story” with Ric Bratton

Jolynn Rose, author of Agatha And Frank’s Story, talks about her memoir in this episode of This Week in America with Ric Bratton.

The book recounts the hardships, adventures, and discoveries of Agatha and Frank in an island off the east coast, where they were stranded.

Agatha and Frank are a married couple in their 50s. One day they decided to travel the world by sea for two years. Frank has just retired from the military and Agatha from being a history teacher. They started their journey with St. John Island.

Then a violent storm kicks up, and soon they are in their dinghy clinging for dear life. The couple begins a five-year adventure in the style of Robinson Crusoe on Rosland Island. The book is based on a diary Agatha kept during their adventures and which was published posthumously with the aid of a friend at the senior home.

Listen to the full conversation between the seasoned radio broadcaster and the author below:

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