Tuesday, July 16, 2024
Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight: Bee Coltson, poet and author of “Journey”

Bee Coltson is the author of poetry collection Journey, published by Author Reputation Press.

The author lives quietly in a small community in North Carolina. Her house, which she is fond of calling “cottage in the woods”, is shared with Max, a Great Pyrenees, a golden Cocker named Honey, and Ginger, the Cavalier King Charles “baby” of the family.

Her poetry collection consists of poems reflecting the author’s life experiences. One entry is titled Make Room, Bee’s first poem written when she was only 12.

The poems’ prevailing theme is moving on amid the adversaries. The verses highlight the human spirit’s ability to stand firm and persevere despite any form of tragedy — loss, grief, heartbreak.

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