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Best science books to widen your scientific knowledge

Not all science books provide useful information to readers. But these five science books on our bookstore are taking some exception. They cover a wide range of scientific disciplines and offer a good mixture of interesting facts.

Adam And Steve: The Rules For Men Attracted To Other Men by Russell Baptist

The book is easy to read and provocative in terms of discussing the male same sex attraction. The author reveals his understanding of homosexuality is an normal part of human culture these days. The book is primarily meant for three different audiences. One is a same sex attracted male teen or preteen who may be discovering his own sexuality or is being bullied because of it. The other is the adult male who may understand his sexuality, but not his obligation to others who come behind him. The third group is the parent or family member who just wants to be supportive.

Premeltons In DNA by Dr. Henry M. Sobell

This book leads to an understanding of how the anticancer agent, actinomycin D, binds to DNA and exerts its mechanism of action. In addition, the discovery of premeltons is a major step forward in understanding DNA and how it works in a living thing. According to Dr. Sobell, a premelton is an entity that rises in DNA spontaneously before the actual strand separation of DNA, thus a melton follows. The author envisions two groups of people who may be interested in the books: people who work in the area of modern medicine and molecular biology with interest in the cure of cancer and how DNA works, and people who are interested to learn what molecular mycin is about.

Organization Of DNA In Chromatin by Dr. Henry M. Sobell

The book tackles at great length both the general features of how actinomycin binds to DNA and the organization of DNA into a hierarchical series of superhelices.

Friction And Fantasy: Opening Pandora’s Box by Ramon Piñon Jr.

Friction and Fantasy provides readers with a multitude of insights about sexual fantasies; love; why people have sex; the mythologies of human anatomy; the truth about sexual desire and arousal; orgasm; unusual sexual practices and sexual violence; the taboo subject of solitary sex; the controversies of erotic preference and gender diversity; unusual sexual practices, sexual violence (rape, pedophilia and child sexual abuse); and the dilemmas of sexual discontent. It also presents unique and thought-provoking pieces of information to the readers that are not, otherwise, readily available to the general public. The book combines scientific and historical views with literary commentaries.

Becoming Female And Male: Our Extraordinary And Perilous Journey by Ramon Piñon Jr.

The book provides a treasure trove of information that’s otherwise not readily available to the public. Plus, it includes a wide variety of historical perspectives and commentaries. It starts by describing a complex, seemingly miraculous process that leads to the formation of eggs and sperm, followed by the fetal development of the genital tissues, the post-pubertal reproductive functions of females and males, the pubertal transition, and finally our reproductive twilight.

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