Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Charles Campise shares his insights on the ride-sharing industry in the U.S. with Ric Bratton

Seasoned radio broadcaster Ric Bratton has interviewed author Charles Campise, who gladly shared his experiences as a driver of a ride-sharing service.

In particular, Campise discussed his book Adventures Of A Rideshare Driver on the program This Week in America. He regaled listeners with his daily routines ferrying passengers to their respective destinations. At some point in the journey, Charles would point to his favorite barbecue spot, for example, or the memorable places he has been to.

Campise’s stories are limited to his experiences in and around Austin, Texas and other areas in the central part of the state for more than three years, beginning in June 2014. The book includes the stories he told his passengers about the history of the region.

He also tells some of his own life experiences and personal connections with the cities in America and elsewhere. He has been sure to tell the funniest stories of the trips he has made to date.

Campise has some episodes about his most interesting passengers and his most famous ones. He has been a ride-sharing driver on more than seven thousand trips and has served more than twenty thousand passengers. Listen to the interview to know more about his life as a ride-share driver. The book is available to purchase via this link.

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