Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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The released website for Samuel E. Underwood’s “Before I Became Me: The Path To My Greatness” is now live

Samuel E. Underwood now has a live author’s website. This website can give readers biographical information about the author as well as information about how and where to buy the author’s book.

Samuel E. Underwood is a New York native born in Harlem. He celebrates more than thirty years of being substance-free. He is a certified recovery peer advocate and gives extra support to individuals recovering from addiction.

At the same time, he volunteers his time three days a week, giving out sandwiches, literature, and a kind word to people in the community. He is married to Kim Leslie-Underwood, with whom he shares two sons, Lamar, and Marquis.

He was interviewed by Benji Cole from CBS Radio in the People of Distinction program. The said program is one of the most wide-ranging radio shows in the United States. Benji Cole is a word-class interviewer, video formulator, Los Angeles actor, and filmmaker. He’s shared the acting stage with superstar Tom Hanks. Click on this link to listen to the full interview and to get to know more about the author: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXHwbzI2z2g&t=29s.

“Before I Became Me: The Path To My Greatness” by Samuel E. Harwood is a compelling story about the author’s personal experience struggling with addiction. This book also serves as a guide for people who have the same experience as the author in struggling with substance addiction and how to cope with it.

The author believes that by sharing his personal experience, people will be able to handle better their problems and not panic when life appears to be overwhelming. He also highlights that he wrote this book so he can help those who are going through the same problems as he had before.

If you are interested in purchasing the books, go to the website to find out where you can grab a copy of them. An online contact form is also available farther down in the bottom section of the website, where readers can leave a message for the author.

Visit Samuel E. Underwood’s website at https://samuelbooks.com/.

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