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The released website for Arthur A. Edwards is now live

Arthur A. Edwards now has a live author’s website. This website can give readers biographical information about the author as well as information about how and where to purchase his amazing books.

Arthur A. Edwards was a naval officer and veteran of the Korean conflict who grew up in Northern California during the depression and WW II. He studied warfare at the University of California, Berkeley, and has a library full of history books.

He is descended from a long line of veterans; two of his great grandfathers served in the Union Army during the Civil War, a grandfather who tried to enlist in the Spanish-American War and a father who served in the Navy twice, once just as WW I ended, and again in WW II.

Arthur graduated in mechanical engineering from University of California, Berkeley, and he worked in the aerospace industry building weather and communication satellites. Every time he brings home another book on WW II, his wife asks, “Is there anything you don’t know about the war?

He shared his message and inspiration in writing his masterpieces in an interview with Benji Cole of CBS Radio. Click on the link to listen to the full interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2X3wLgj-Emo.

In his book “The War We Almost Lost: How We Came Close To Losing World War II,” Arthur explains how badly we were prepared for war in 1941. He discusses the areas in which we could have done much better and how the responsibility could have been shared by many politicians and military leaders.

The author writes about mistakes and blunders as well as brilliant moves made during the war by both sides that allowed us to win, but almost cost us victory. Better planning and execution by the Axis countries could have had disastrous effects on the Allies.

But in the end, through some good design, lucky breaks, and bad decision-making by our enemies, we rallied and came through the terrible war with flying colors, led by the “Greatest Generation” of all times.

Stay tuned for his upcoming books titled “War is Hell: A Tale of War and One Man’s Search for Meaning,” “The Journey to Hangtown Haven,” and “A Hero’s Life.”

If you are interested in purchasing his masterpieces, go to the website to find out where you can grab a copy of it. An online contact form is also available farther down in the bottom section of the website, where readers can leave a message for the author.

Visit Arthur A. Edwards’ website at https://arthuredwardsbooks.com/.

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