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Author of the Month: Giridhar Jaded, finding meanings in words as rhymes

Giridhar Jaded

Each month, Author Reputation Press picks an outstanding name from its growing list of authors to be chosen as the Author of the Month. This selection is based on a unique set of guidelines, including the author’s impact on readers and the literary distinction of his or her book.

This month, we have selected a prolific author and poet whose verses are making a difference in terms of looking for meanings in rhymic words. Our distinguished author for the month of June is Giridhar Jaded, author of several titles including Let’s Stir Some Thoughts, Rhymes In Me, and Reading Between The Rhymes.

Giridhar was born in Dharwad, Karnataka, India. He currently lives in Dallas, Texas, and works as an IT Professional at daytime. If he’s not tinkering with network systems, he writes poems that attempt to help readers reinvent their thoughts.

The author was recently interviewed by seasoned broadcaster Al Cole for his radio program, People of Distinction, where he shared the inspiration behind writing the book and his literary influences. Giridhar says he writes because he considers poetry as an omnipresent force in his mind, just like breathing. However, it was only after 35 years when he started realizing that goal. Now, he writes poetry with no limits, unleashing every thought that comes to his mind with the goal of provoking thoughts, stimulating intellectual discussions, and inspiring others.

Let’s Stir Some Thoughts reflects on the many omnipresent thoughts that every person goes through. The book contains some of the verses he wrote in 2019. Rhymes In Me is a manifestation for his love of words that rhyme. Meanwhile, Reading Between The Rhymes aims to rekindle your interest in reading poems and verses. It is intended to touch the hearts of those who have grown an aversion toward reading poetry books.

You can buy his books via the following links:

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